Beta is a game that teaches game design,
computer programming and analytical thinking

For Mac and Windows!

  • Play to Learn
  • Code to Create
  • Share Online

Flying Beta!Byte-sized adventures in a land of code!

Play video
Play video
  • Hours of Play

    With a Beta account you will receive weekly content updates and have access to games made around the world. You'll never run out of things to do.

  • Learn to Code

    Beta will teach you CodePop, a simple yet powerful language that introduces players to foundational object-oriented programming concepts.

  • Instant Feedback

    Unlike any other gaming platform Beta allows you to play and code at the same time! No more compiling. Simply build and experience your vision instantly.

Beta is in the cloud

Beta's on the Cloud!

Join a community of game designers and codePoppers from all over the world!

  • Download games, themes and content
  • Earn achievements
  • Share your games online

The only limitation is your imagination...

The beta box

Beta is available for download now!

  • Run, jump, grapple and fly into action
  • Cross gaps with moving platforms
  • Build spring contraptions
  • Make Beta dance, backflip, laugh and more...
  • Control gravity
  • Customize your Beta avatar

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Mac Windows

Beta is a self-organized learning environment optimized for classrooms and workshops

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Beta is designed to support self-driven learning. Through their relationship with Beta, students will engage STEM and computer science concepts in a fun way. While Beta can be played alone, it is best experienced in a community! Our 'Code a Game in a Day' workshop and curriculum provides educators with the structure needed to unleash the programmer within their students. The Beta Net enables players to instantly communicate, share and connect their work with other players.

  • Object-Based Programming
  • Computer Science Terminology
  • Keyboarding
  • Game Design
  • System Design
  • Core Mathematics

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